To know a steak is to love a steak… Here we can learn what cuts to choose from and understand what your getting before you place an order.


Filet Mignon

This cut is one of the most tender you will find.  Unless you like them extremely well done, you can cut these with a fork.   Filet mignon is French, with filet meaning “thick slice” and mignon meaning “dainty.”

Flank Steak

These are ideal for tacos, Philly-style steak sandwiches, and more. You can season these steaks, but we find a lot of people choose to marinate for perfection. After that, grill it fast and hot…delicious. Tip: Cut the steaks against the grain at a 45-degree angle to get some of the tastiest steak strips in the world.

Top Sirloin

Top Sirloin is naturally lean, full of robust beef flavor.  The top sirloin cap is a flat, triangular-shaped muscle that lies above the top sirloin.  These steaks are generally suitable for high-heat grilling.


These steaks are cut from the beef rib primal cut. They are tender, and juicy, and flavorful, with just the right amount of fat.  The marbling in these steaks deliver a taste experience that is second to none.


This cut has grown from a little-known, California cut of beef to a popular piece of meat.  This steak is full of flavor because of excellent marbling and very tender as long as you don’t overcook it. If you are going to take this steak beyond medium, you should probably marinate it.

Flat Iron

This popular steak is catching on with steak lovers everywhere, but is also one of the must under appreciated steaks. This tender and flavorful little steak is cut from the top blade roast and comes from the chuck primal.

T-Bone / Porterhouse

These steaks are iconic and are a bone-in  cut from the rear of the short loin. The T-shaped-bone cut from the spine bisects portions of both the top loin (strip steak) and tenderloin (filet mignon). Its distinctive T-shaped-bone cut from the spine bisects portions of both the top loin (strip steak) and tenderloin (filet mignon).

Prime Rib

Enjoy the mellow taste and exquisite tenderness of our Prime Rib in a variety of specialties. Serve up an impressive Prime Rib Roast, or quick and easy Prime Rib Slices.

Skirt Steak

This is one of the tougher cuts, but still one of the most flavorful.

Skewers / Tips

This is not special cut of beef, but rather the leftover trimmings from our delicious steaks.  These are perfect for kabobs or stir fry.