We sell our beef direct; the real farm to table experience.


Bulk Freezer Beef

If your family consumes a lot of beef on a weekly or monthly basis, buying in bulk is the way to go if you have extra freezer space to store it. We ship our beef all over the USA, direct to our customers. Purchasing in bulk gives you prime beef, steaks and all, for a flat price per pound. It also allows you to customize the cuts (type, size, thickness, etc); a truly direct, farm to table, with your own personal butcher!

We sell in bulk with the following options:

  • Whole: typically 600-800 pounds

  • Half: typically 300-400 pounds

  • Quarter: 150-200 pounds

Boxed Beef by Chuck

Are you looking for high quality meats but do not have room to store half or an entire beef? Do not count yourself out!  Our 25 pound boxes are perfect for consumers that are short on storage space, and desire safe, healthy, high quality beef.